Holistic Wellness. Community-Focused.

Everyone deserves support on their personal health journey. That’s what we provide.

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    Why Do I Need Fairfax Training Club?

    • Getting motivated is hard. Staying motivated is even harder.
    • With gyms on every corner, and dozens of ways to work out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.
    • At Fairfax Training Club, we’ve developed programs that produce real results — the kind that inspire confidence and consistency.
    • All we’re missing is you.

    The Building Blocks of Health

    Mental & Physical Strength

    Strong bodies and strong minds build resilience. The effort you put in carries over to all aspects of your life.

    Community & Accountability

    You accomplish more than you ever could alone. Setting goals is great, but reaching them is even better

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Inspired by the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, our strength is in the diversity of our members and training staff.

    Confidence & Positivity

    That boost of endorphins from holistic wellness is real. Harness the power that comes from prioritizing your health.

    Education & Encouragement

    Knowledge is powerful, because knowing better is the first step towards feeling better. It’s contagious.

    Motivation & Self-Awareness

    Learning what drives you is how you become the ultimate version of yourself. There’s no one else like you.

    Fairfax Training Club

    Stronger — In All The Ways that Matter

    Reps and weight are important, but they aren’t the only metrics that matter.

    The strength you develop in our gym shows up in other areas of your life too. Here’s what that means.

    When you learn to lift weights, you’re better equipped to deal with any heavy thing life throws at you.

    When you’re used to elevating your heart rate, stress is easier to manage.

    At Fairfax Training Club, you’ll build muscle and muscle memory.

    That’s real strength.

    The Next Step: Schedule a Tour

    Today is about you. It’s a chance to prioritize your health and wellbeing.

    You deserve to feel your best — a strong body and mind that can tackle the gym and take on the world.

    This is where you make it happen.

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      Schedule a Tour

      Fill out our simple form to get in touch with us.